About our Practice

The first step one must take if a hearing loss is suspected is to have a full diagnostic hearing evaluation (ask a about a free screening.

After a hearing loss has been found, the patient and hearing professional discuss many different options available. The degree of hearing loss and lifestyle dictate the style (size of aid) and level of technology that is appropriate for your needs.

Once a style and technology are prescribed, ear impressions are made to custom fit the shell of hearing aid specifically for the patient.

The ear impressions are then sent to the manufacturer where the aids are built. Your custom hearing instruments are usually back in about a weeks time. All Mississippi Hearing, Inc. uses real-ear measurement to precisely match the hearing aids performance specifically to your hearing loss.

After your aids are appropriately set, it is off to your world to test the performance. A follow-up appointment will be pre-set in about a week. Usually 1to 3 (no charge) adjustment visits are needed to optimally set your hearing instruments.

All instruments include a 1 to 3 year warranty including loss and damage insurance. As a result, the hearing aids have no further costs (excluding batteries) while the warranty remains in effect.